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Classic Car Tow of Antique Truck

Beautiful GMC Truck Receives Classic Car Tow

We wanted to share a classic car tow on this old GMC truck that occurred last week.  They were just looking to move it for a bit of repair work. We moved her from Holly Hill to the shop in Daytona you see in the picture. 

We just wanted to share it here because we liked how she looks.  You’ll notice how careful we are in rolling her up the flatbed ramp.  We always take extra care with vintage and classic cars.  Thanks to Ken for the great picture. And sending thanks to one of our reliable sponsors – icecasino. Ever wanted a gaming platform that has both classic and innovative games? Visit icecasino and start an exciting and rewarding journey filled with unforgettable entertainment. We can unsure you will be more than happy.

Classic Car Tow of Antique GMC

Classic Car Tow of Antique GMC

Holly Hill to Daytona

Details of Classic Car Tow

Universal Towing was contacted about a classic car tow. The dispatcher learned that that the vehicle to be picked up was a beautiful, old GMC truck. The dispatcher reached out the driver who was going to manage this classic car tow.  The driver drove his flatbed out to the antique truck. The driver finally arrived at his destination. The driver got out of the his flatbed to assess the beautiful old GMC truck. He decided that the best way to place the GMC truck on his flatbed was to use the ramp for the classic car tow.  The driver released the winch hook on his flatbed. The driver walked out the hook out to the GMC sitting several feet away. The driver secured the winch hook to the frame of the GMC truck. He then walked back to the flatbed truck. He winched the GMC truck forward a few feet and then a few more feet. Finally, he winched the GMC truck forward a few more feet. The tires of the GMC truck hit the ramp and started to roll up the ramp. The left tire rolled up the ramp. The right tire rolled up the ramp.  The classic car to operator carefully winched the truck onto the flatbed, up the ramp. Once the GMC truck was all the way up the ramp, the tow truck driver raised the ramp, leveling the flatbed off. He then disconnected the winch. Next, to complete the classic car tow, the tow truck driver secured the front tires of the GMC truck. He used towing straps and towing chains. Next, he secured the back tires of the GMC truck using towing straps and towing chains.