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Catfish Helps a Woman Who Needs a Tow

Catfish Starts a Cadillac That Needs a Tow

On a warm summer night in July, the Universal Towing team got a phone call from a woman in desperate need of a tow.

The client was making her way home after work and stopped for some groceries. When she got back to her car, it just would not start. She called her boyfriend who drove to the grocery store parking lot and tried to jump start the vehicle. The longer this dragged out, the higher the chance of the woman’s frozen goods defrosting and her groceries going to waste. That’s when she decided to call in the professionals. 

15 minutes after receiving the call, Chuck aka Catfish pulled up to the parking lot of Perrine’s Produce in Daytona where he found the client in her broken down Cadillac CTS. After a quick discussion, Catfish got in the driver’s seat of the Cadillac and used a secret technique … He jiggled the keys. After a few jiggles, the Caddy came roaring back to life. It seems that the starter was sitting on a dead spot and just needed a bit of coaxing to start. 

With the problem solved, Catfish spoke with the happy clients for 15 minutes before everyone realized that the groceries were still defrosting! Catfish made sure to advise the driver to head to the nearest repair shop in order to find the underlying problem with the car.

Great job out there Catfish! Judging by this client’s review, you’ve got a new fan out there!

Need A Tow Review Universal Towing Daytona

Catfish Helps a Woman Who Needs a Tow

Universal Towing dispatch center received a phone call from a woman who needed a tow. A flatbed truck was immediately dispatched to her location in the parking lot of Perrine’s Produce at 3826 Clyde Morris Blvd, Port Orange, FL. The technician arrived in 5 minutes and found the car in need of a tow. 

The client was driving a Cadillac CTS. The tow technician spoke to the client and found out that the car simply would not start when the client returned after doing groceries. When the key was turned, the engine would not start and a clicking sound was heard. The client had already attempted to jump start the vehicle to no avail. It was then that she realized she was in need of a tow. 

The technician opened the door of the Cadillac and got into the driver’s side seat. The purpose was for him to try and start the car in order to hear the clicking sound the client heard. The technician jiggled the keys. The first time, nothing happened. The second time he twisted the keys, the car started. 

At the end of the day this car did not need a tow. The technician advised the client to bring her car to the nearest repair shop to find the underlying problem and avoid being in need of a tow in the future. The client was very happy that she did not need a tow and took the technicians advice and brought her car to a repair shop.