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Ask A Tow Truck Driver: 10 Things to Keep in Your Car

 Car Essentials Checklist From A Tow Truck Driver

With over 17 years in the towing industry, Universal Towing’s tow truck drivers have seen their fair share of accidents and flat tyres! Many of these incidents could have been made easier for the driver had they had the right tools with them. After polling the Universal Towing tow truck drivers, we’ve come up with this list of items you should always have in your vehicle!

1. First Aid Kit

You should always have a fully stocked first aid kit in your vehicle. From cleaning up small scrapes after an accident to keeping a larger wound clean until help arrives, you never know when you’ll need a first aid kit. One tow truck driver we spoke to also recommends keeping a blanket in your first aid kit in case your vehicle breaks down on a particularly chilly night.

P.S. Did you know that some first aid supplies can expire? Make sure to check your first aid kit at least twice a year to ensure everything is up to date!


2. Cell Phone Charger

Don’t you hate it that your cell phone always seems to be dead when you need it the most? While we now use our cell phones to keep up with the latest on social media (we’re actually thinking of starting a TikTok), we often forget how life saving they can be. Car trouble doesn’t only happen on well-lit busy roads. Having a charged cell phone could be the difference between life and death after an accident! In less serious cases, your cell phone will allow you to call your local tow truck service so they can get to you as soon as possible!

3. Spare Tire

Ah, Universal Towing, stop being silly. All cars come with spare tires, right? Unfortunately not, especially when it comes to newer models. As manufacturers try to navigate ever competitive mileage requirements, they often see the spare tire as an easy way to lose 60 pounds! Have a look in your trunk tonight to make sure that your car has a spare tire. And remember, if you find yourself with a flat, call us at (386) 255-0203 and we will have a tow truck driver by your side in no time!

4. Owner’s Manual

Believe it or not, It’s not only there to collect dust! Your vehicle’s owner’s manual is a wealth of information. New warning light? Your owner’s manual could tell you what it means and what you need to do about it! If you lost your manual, contact your dealer or check out this website for a free download!

5. Reflective Triangles and High Vis Vest

Don’t make a bad day worse by getting hit by a car while you’re pulled over on the shoulder of the highway. Reflective triangles come in incredibly handy when you have to pull over at night or in bad weather conditions. Unlike flare, these triangles are reusable making them an eco-friendly choice! Just make sure to don a high visibility vest when you leave your car to set up the triangles!

Roadside Safety

6. Emergency Escape Tool

A 2-in-1 car window breaker and seatbelt cutter tool can save your life. This tool will help you shatter your window and clear it safely if you ever find yourself submerged in water or lodged in a burning car. The seatbelt cutter tool will make quick work of your seatbelt and allow you to make a swift exit from your vehicle. We recommend keeping it in your glove compartment.

7. Empty Gas Container

We can’t emphasize the ‘empty’ enough. Having an empty gas container in your truck can come in super handy if you find yourself out of fuel and within walking distance to a gas station. No gas container or gas station nearby? We’ll dispatch a tow truck driver to your location immediately.

8. WD-40

Ask any tow truck driver or car mechanic you know, WD-40 can work miracles! Seriously, from rubbing off rust from your license plate to keeping moisture away from your spark plugs, WD-40 will do the job. Planning on going off-roading? Using WD-40 beforehand will prevent any mud from sticking to your vehicle and make the clean up that much easier. Forgot to use WD-40 and stuck in the mud? Contact us today and we will have a tow truck driver by your side in minutes.

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9. Windshield Wiper Fluid

Regardless of if you live in a cold or warm climate, windshield wiper fluid is a must for every vehicle. It’s incredible how quickly dirty can accumulate on your windshield. Add in a highway and high speeds and you’ve got yourself an extremely dangerous situation. It’s cheap to buy and easy to store so you’ve got no excuse not to have a bottle handy!

10. Jumper Cables

You never know when your car will suddenly decide not to start. Flagging down a fellow motorist is hard enough. Having to flag one down and ensure that they have jumper cables? You’re in for a long day. Having a working set of jumper cables will definitely help make your selection easier! That being said, not everyone knows how to use jumper cables. In that case, make sure to give our roadside assistance team a ring. We’ll have your car purring in no time!

What do you think of our list? Is there anything you think we’ve missed? We’d love to hear what your car essentials are!